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Our Story

In the dying days of 2015 in the Rocky Mountains of Canada, a backpacking Aussie and a half Canadian local realised something...


A quality tasting Latte or Cappuccino was as rare as a bouncing Kangaroo through the Rocky Mountains.


The two gentlemen decided it was necessary to introduce quality coffee to the Canadian Locals. So they bought a 1977 VW van and...


The Rocky Bean Co was born.


In 2016, the two coffee lovers met their match when crossing paths with two equally adventurous travelers; a German Skier and a French pastry chef.

As fate would have it, in early 2017, after sharing loving latte vibes in the Okanagan Valley, the climber and the pastry chef returned The Rocky Bean Co home to its roots in The Rocky Mountains...

You can now find the van living out its days in the Bow Valley, Alberta with furry companion and head barista; Rocky, an Australian Shepherd - Border Collie cross.


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